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Data Recovery Technology

At Total Access, we employ all kinds of technology to best recover your data. Our in house engineers write most of the software we use from day to day, but we're not bound to exclusively using our own technology. Armed with the newest and most advanced hardware and software tools available today, we're equipped to recover data from any situation on any operating system from any decade. Old, new, unheard of or rare, we have the technology to deal with it all. We use top of the line tools for data recovery. For example: Deepspar Disk ImagerR-StudioPC3000Salvation Data ToolsStellar Phoenix, plus many more.

At Total Access Data Recovery, we use an ISO class 5 portable clean room when we need to remove the hard drive cover. We use the portable clean room for any type of mechanical failure, part swaps or diagnosis. We stock thousands of hard drive replacement parts including PCB boards, donor heads, and spindle motors for hard drives.

Deepspar Disk Imager
The Deepspar Disk Imager is the number one hard drive data recovery tool on the market. The DDI imager works quickly and efficiently. It has been the most reliable hard drive data recovery tool we have used since we started hard drive data recovery.

R-Studio is an excellent hard drive data recovery utility. R-Studio works on the newest solid state hard drives. R-Studio is one of the most powerful programs for user interface.

The PC3000 is highly reputable hardware used for the diagnosis, repair and/or recovering of data from any size hard drive or brand of hard drive.

Salvation Data tool
The Salvation Data tool; SD Flash Doctor is extremely useful when it comes to damaged flash media. The hardware supports all flash drives like SD cards, USB drives, Compact SD cards, etc.

Stellar Phoenix 
Stellar Phoenix software for hard drive data recovery can recover the lost data from corrupt drives, drives that have been formatted, non-booting drives, drives that are inaccessible and drives that have damaged partitions. The software is one of the best for recovering SQL, Exchange, Access, Database, Excel and many more.

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"My computer crashed so I brought it into a large retail chain store. They kept my system for over a week then told me they could not fix it. After that I searched Google and found Total Access. When I visited their office I instantly knew they were an honest, top quality company. They immediately started on my computer and I had it back the same day, fixed. I was ecstatic! They had amazing customer service and got the job done. Thank you Total Access!"

- Brittney K. Los Angeles, California