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USB Device Data Recovery

USB Device Data Recovery

Flash drives, USB drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, picture cards, solid state hard drives. Even in devices with "no moving parts" the potential for failure still exists. Our skilled technicians can repair and replace damaged parts and bring your dead devices back to life. When these small devices and drives fail, we'll be there to pick up the pieces, often times literally.

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"My computer crashed so I brought it into a large retail chain store. They kept my system for over a week then told me they could not fix it. After that I searched Google and found Total Access. When I visited their office I instantly knew they were an honest, top quality company. They immediately started on my computer and I had it back the same day, fixed. I was ecstatic! They had amazing customer service and got the job done. Thank you Total Access!"

- Brittney K. Los Angeles, California