Based in sunny Diamond Springs, California. Total Access Data Recovery sits just below Lake Tahoe, thirty minutes above Sacramento. Founded by members of other data recovery companies, Total Access is a unique meeting of minds and ideas. Driven by new technology and the goal of being the best in the industry, we’ll show you in our work why we’re the best choice for you and your business services. We pride ourselves in being industry leaders and staying current on all technological advances. At Total Access, we utilize our own proprietary hardware and software hard drive recovery tools. As well as our own tools, we also use the most sophisticated hard drive data recovery tools on the market. In any case, when you’re ready, so are we. Click here to submit an online request, or call 1 (877) 357-DATA 24 hours a day, every single day of the year.

When there are circumstances in which waiting an extra day simply isn’t an option, Total Access Data Recovery offers expedited service levels, including emergency service using same day couriers. Call us today and we’ll make all the arrangements.

When seasons change, it brings about many different unexpected problems and situations. If lightning strikes and takes your data with it, we’re here to help. When your computers are submerged for three days under twenty feet of water in a flood, we’re the ones to call. Even if your server room had a fire and melted your server or had a laptop power supply catch fire and do serious damage. Given that, Total Access is an expert when it comes to fire, water and electrical damage.

Data Recovery Myths

Do not continue attempting to power up your hard drive if it is making unusual noises. Don’t put a hard drive in the freezer or heat it. Do not drop or bang your hard drive around. Do not open your hard drive under any circumstances.

  • 1. “If your hard drive is clicking it is mechanical failure and needs to be sent to a clean room for service.” This is not always true. The clicking of hard drives could be a multitude of different problems. 
  •  2. “If your hard drive stops working or no longer recognizes, it won’t hurt it to tap or hit the drive.” This is never true. When you hit or tap your hard drive, it can cause the heads to crash, or the heads to scratch the platter surface which is where your data lies. 
  •  3. “If your drive is acting up, you can drop the drive on the floor and possibly fix it.” This will only cause more problems to your hard drive. If your hard drive is already failing in some way, to drop it would only worsen those problems. It could even make the hard drive completely unrecoverable. 
  • 4. “If your hard drive fails you can freeze the drive and get it to boot up and work again.” This is not always true. Some people think that if you put your hard drive in the freezer, the temperature has an effect on the interior of the drive and can fix the problem. But the truth is, the consequences of this action can be unfix-able. The longer the hard drive has been used, the more the insides are degraded which causes the freeze it myth to no longer work.