Meet the team of Total Access Data Recovery & Computer Repair from Diamond Springs, CA!

Meet Total Access Data Recovery & Computer Repairs’ founder, owner and operator, Brian Hall. Brian has been apart of the data recovery industry for many, many years before founding Total Access Data Recovery in 2008. After opening up his data recovery company nationally, Brian decided to offer services geared towards his local community; so he founded the computer repair side of his business. Total Access now offers a wide array of services in the data recovery and computer repair field both nationally and locally. Total Access Data Recovery & Computer Repair is rated high both nationally and locally due to Brian and his teams’ hard work and dedication to the field.

Meet Shelby Vaigneur-Hall, our lead computer repair technician and data recovery engineer here at Total Access Data Recovery & Computer Repair. Shelby has been with Total Access since the doors opened in 2008. She started off doing data recovery and now years later is not only performing data recoveries but also performing all of the computer repairs to her local community. Shelby works on Windows and Apple based systems. Her preferred operating system is Mac oSx.