At Total Access, we offer many computer repair services at a low cost rate. We have fast and friendly customer service. We work on Windows and Mac based systems. 

Computer Repair Services:

Startup Issues & Need Computer Repair?

Is your computer booting slowly? Is it not turning on? Does it seem like you have to press the power button and walk away for it to boot? In this case, We can fix it!

Operating System Installs/Re-installs

Is your PC or Mac running sluggish? Has it been taken over by viruses? Has an online scammer hacked your PC and taken over? Have you been locked out of your own PC by hackers? In this case, We can wipe your hard drive and reload the operating system for you!

Screen Repairs and Replacements & Need Computer Repair?

Did you drop your laptop? Or crack your screen? Is your PC randomly showing odd displays and lines? We can replace any of your LCD screens. In this case, We can replace it! 

Hardware Upgrades

Is your AC power jack not working? Is your touch pad jumping around? Have you lost keys to your keyboard? Has your battery died? In this case, We can upgrade and replace it!

Computer Optimizations & Need Computer Repair?

Is your PC running slowly? Are there too many programs taking over the speed of your computer? Do you have unwanted software installed that you no longer use and want removed to speed up your PC? In this case, We can upgrade it!

Printer Repair

Will your printer or scanner not work correctly? Is it not printing at all? Will it not connect wirelessly? Does your printer keep throwing up a random error or even have a paper jam? In this case, We can diagnose and fix it!

Virus Removal & Need Computer Repair?

Are you experiencing popups? Is your PC running extremely slow? Has someone taken over? Did you accidentally click on what you thought was a legitimate link from “Microsoft” or some other widely known company only to find out it was a scam and now have viruses? In this case, We can remove it!

Do any of these issues relate to you?

Call us today and we can have you back up and running in no time! We pride ourselves on our customer service and our fast turnaround times! Most computer repair jobs are back to our customers the same day. Want to see for yourself? Check out our past customers reviews and see about their experience HERE.