USB Data Recovery

USB DEVICE DATA RECOVERY includes flash drives, USB drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, picture cards, solid state hard drives. Even in USB devices with “no moving parts” the potential for failure still exists. Our skilled technicians can repair and replace damaged parts and bring your dead devices back to life. When these small devices and drives fail, we’ll be there to pick up the pieces, often times literally. In any case, has your thumb drive stopped showing up on your PC? Did you accidentally delete your data? Have you accidentally broken your USB device into pieces? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

In any case, contact Total Access Data Recovery & Computer Repair today to speak to one of our trained engineers to get your recovery process started. You can call us directly to get information on USB Device Data Recovery at (530) 621-2645. You can also submit an online request form HERE. Either way, one of our data recovery specialists will get back to you right away. We want to get your precious data back to you as quickly as possible. When filling out the online request form, please try and be as descriptive as possible so our engineers know as much information as needed.